Risk Adjusted Life Expectancy 62.23 years…

– otherwise, it is about 82 according to an internet-based calculator. I am currently 56.75 years old.

We have just been up to town for the wife to pick up her glasses. As is common the length of arm decreases with age. I sat in the car waiting outside the vampire shop, where they do blood tests. I saw a continuous stream of white-haired people pop into the shop to pick up their results. The life expectancy in France is one of the highest but I am an import so to speak. People around here are not so prone to hair dyeing as they are say in Surrey. It is OK to be grey or white. The average physique is small and wiry built for stamina as opposed to front row rugby forward. By colouring I blend by physique less so.

I was contemplating that if everything stays as it is, I will be making two to three visits a year to the vampire shop, just like the others. It is my local one. The doctors here like their lab work done on a regular basis. I got to wondering how many visits I have left. In a few years’ time would there be another man in a right-hand drive car watching me go in and pick up my results? If I follow Harry, my maternal grandfather, I’ll keep a splash of darkness in my hair until clog popping time comes along. I am not following my own father as I still have hair.

{That reminds me I need to remind the G.P. about the carcinoembryonic antigen test next time we visit.}

I sat there and in the ~ 40 minutes wait I saw seven non Brittany registered cars drive by. Looks like the anti-plague migration is still happening we are down to 56 cases per 100,000 now. That means that there is a 0.056 per cent chance of meeting an infected person in a naïve reckoning. I don’t meet many at all so the risk of covid mortality is low as we live in isolation. Vaccinate or not? I am still pretty ambivalent.

I have no plans to do anything other than garden, DIY, blog, cook, go for walkies etc. So, it looks very much that everything will stay the same and I will be joining the vampire shop visitors list for the foreseeable future. How many visits left is an unanswerable question.