Talking About People Behind Their Back

If a significant number of people talk about someone behind their back is that a form of bullying?

Is gossiping about someone a form of bullying?

If plans are laid for someone without their input or consent is that a form of bullying?

If the people doing the talking behind the back are powerful does that make it bullying or problem solving?

It is easy to kid oneself that WE are solving a problem caused by IT.

{Let us circle the wagons so as to keep out that pesky Apache. After all we have Winchester rifles, and he only has a bow and arrow.}

If there is a power imbalance does this make the “problem solving” more or less like bullying?

Are the health problems of the creature being discussed important?

If they are ill and the talking about continues does that make it more like bullying and less like problem solving?

Do people like to talk about sick beings?

What if there is no problem to solve and it is all some justification made up to mitigate the unpleasantness afoot, to make it seem less dodgy?

Ears are burning, jungle drums are being pounded, the grapevine is all lit up.

S*** S*** D******** D**!