Les Hirondelles à Mach 2 and Protector Birds

We have a passageway between the house and the garages it is about 120cm wide and 250cm tall at the entrance and exit. In between it rises to around five metres.

Of late entering the passageway often results in a swallow {une hirondelle I think of them in French and not English} whizzing past your head at Mach 2. Well not really Mach 2 but pretty damn quick. They fly close to your head; you can hear the wings.

The pair may be nesting in the passageway. One of them was on the ladder in the atelier yesterday afternoon, so they may be looking for a spot. Like the Red Arrows they are very acrobatic fliers and to watch them drink from the pond on the wing is a marvel. They fly ten centimetres from the surface, and they dip to sip. It is almost worth buying a new video camera just to capture it.

It is possible that these are the same ones, back from Africa, we had in residence last year.

We have been speculating that the Magpies are acting like “protector” birds just like Russel and Sheryl. Back when I was having my “conversations” on the Ashridge estate they said that they would send protectors and sure enough two crows, Russell and Sheryl, nested just above our back door.

Maybe I need to think of some names for our current corvids…