And There Be Ducklings!

Earlier this year the breeding pair had their nest on our pond predated. They lost four eggs. After this we did not see Madame La Cane for a while. We did see Monsieur Le Canard and from time to time three adolescent males.

A bit later on we saw Monsieur et Madame swimming upstream on Le Jaudy during one of our walks.

Soon enough I began to see the lady-duck swimming in “the swamp”. Of all the ducks she has been the most chilled around us. Boy duck usually flies off.

The swamp is just the other side of our boundary fence and there is a path around the pond which passes between the pond and the swamp. The swamp is much more covered with trees and is more overgrown.

This morning whilst I was circumambulating I glanced over into the swamp because I could see something moving on the surface.

Most excellent news!

There was Madame La Cane with at least three ducklings swimming behind her.

Fingers crossed she will bring her brood for a swim on our pond at some time in the future.

What a nice start to the day…