Dodgy Deal Warning Dreams

I had a bit of an unsettled night last night and for the second night in a row I had a dream pertaining to what seemed in the dream to be dodgy deals.

Yesterday I was offered by someone I know an envelope stuffed full of twenty-pound notes. When pressed as to the source of the money, the person became evasive.

“Just take it as a gift…”

“But where does the money come from?”

“Does it matter?


This morning I had someone, in the dream, approach me in a hotel dining room at breakfast. He was offering me shares in a F3 aircraft company, apparently for free. He said it was a brilliant offer and there were no strings attached.

I said to him that offers such as these which are too good to be true are simply that, not true.

It felt like some kind of pay-off trap as did the previous dream.


Just done a search for F3 aircraft and there are a lot of different arms manufacturers with F3 models and get this, a fighter jet has just flown over head.