Patents, Swallows and Yet Another Snake

A slightly odd day so far. We are not long back from the seaside where we saw some German number plates. The beach we went to is only a few kilometres from the high technology industrial park. Not sure if the Germans are here to work or to holiday.

Last night the wife had a dream in which she was talking to people about patents and financial forecasting, which are not subjects that she knows much about. Sometimes the wife’s dreaming is of a prescient nature, she can sense things incoming ahead of time. This kind of dream is very different to her normal fayre. Thus, it kind of stands out, it follows on from my “dodgy deals” dreams, perhaps.

It is now pretty obvious that we are going to have to surrender our passageway from the back door to the garages over to the swallows. They have started building a nest in the rafters. So, I guess for the next month or so we will be walking the long way round to the cars. If I sit in the veranda, I can see the nest building site. I may be able to get a direct line of sight with the telephoto.

I have just walked around the pond in my crocs, this means I am very quiet when walking. I often startle the wildlife. And guess what? I saw the large grass snake again. I think it must live at that end of the garden because that is where I / we have seen it before. It slithered off towards the water only a few feet from my toes.

That is a whole lot of snake sighting in one week.