Dreams and the 130,00-euro Job

I have just been preparing the pot for dinner and I was taken back to events around a decade ago when I did something that most people would describe as lunacy, and which really pissed off my ex-wife because it took away her meal ticket.

When we were moving house in the bleak and very snowy winter, I got a message from Holland asking me to contact a space agency there. I had interviewed with them six months earlier and had mentally written the job application off. Basically, out of the blue, they were offering me the job which would have put an end to the financial hardship we were experiencing. The job had a very large and tax-free salary, there would be cheap petrol and diplomatic number plates to boot. It would pay school fees and a whole bunch of other perks. It seemed too good to be true.

They sent me a CD with all the rules and regulations, I had to read all 350 megabytes of it, and agree to these terms before they would accept me. The start date was few months hence.

I signed and we went to Holland to scope out housing and open a bank account. They had an arrivals person meet us and arrange for us to see various housing. We had our hearts set on one of the properties next to a canal. It was currently occupied by a very big cheese in the organisation.

In a lull in appointments at lunch we swung by and had a look from the outside. We noted at the time a number of police car sirens. Then I got a call to say that our appointment to see the place had been cancelled at short notice. The excuse did not sound plausible there was some other reason. It was the first of the alarm bells.

Back in blighty I read up on all the space missions and the spectroscopic technique I would be helping to develop.

And then I had a dream warning me in no uncertain terms not to take up the position. To cut a long story short I got myself out of the contract, which took a while and some unorthodox method. And this is the short tale of the dream and the 130,00-euro job. Who knows what would have happened if I had not listened to my dreamer?

Now why did that pop into my mind whilst peeling a mango?

Who can say?