I Remember Atlantis

I’ll wager that if I said this to most modern-day scientists, they would not believe me, they might think me delusional or that I am simply taking the piss.

Comparing the Encyclopaedia Britannica and Wiki, one {wiki} asserts that Atlantis is fictional the other couches its language and uses probably. I think the assertion is off one cannot know anything a priori and without some level of doubt.

If I went further and said that I remember the flying ships of Atlantis, many might begin to mock, though the description previous is a bit like a Harrier jump jet not yet invented at the turn of the nineteenth century.

It is OK for people to believe in God but not for people to believe in Atlantis. One can go to church and say that one is going to abide by the rules of the house and then behave hypocritically by stealing and shagging around. But to believe in Atlantis is a heinous act of idiocy especially for a trained Chemical Physicist.

Last time I looked there were thousands of people associated in some way with the Arcane school. They have at least a partial willingness to accept the notion of Atlantis and Lemuria, perhaps to believe without believing.

A lot of modern thought stems from Plato and yet the weird old Greek is talking about a “fictional” island. People don’t like the notion so have convinced themselves that it was a metaphor or an instructional device. None of them have ever met Plato so they could be transferring their opinion and way of thinking on to him. Nobody has asked his opinion and motive.

As I began today with my hypothesis.

The difficulty of accepting some thing is inversely proportional to the level of inconvenience it brings.

For many “learned” people it is next to impossible to accept the notion of Atlantis because no proof has yet been found. But get this, it is still socially acceptable to believe in God for whom there is no six sigma instrumentally measured proof either.

If as a part of my religion, my belief set, I believe in Atlantis, and you mock me what are you doing? Are you being WOKE? Are you being judgmental?

The deluge story is widespread. If you were a leader on Atlantis and it was starting to break up and sink, where would you lead your people to? Where would the risk of inundation be the smallest?

It would be somewhere land locked and high like Tibet and Bhutan. So maybe this is where all the ancient records got taken.

“Back in the old days on Atlantis when the rule of the initiate Kings was coming under threat from the dark and wayward brothers, the priesthood kept a look out amongst the education system for children, boys who showed early signs of psychic ability. The school would tell the priesthood of any candidates and an assessor emissary would be dispatched. If the boy passed the tests he was removed from the school and sent to the special training unit. If he excelled, he was trained at an accelerated pace to undertake psychic warfare with the wayward. He was trained in the art of blending in and camouflage. He was trained to psychically lasso wayward brothers and in particular wayward nagal beings. He was trained as an assassin. After capture of a wayward powerful being he would then lead them to the place where they would be locked up for a very long time. These “prisons” were built out of a material which prevented the psychic emanations of the wayward wreaking havoc. Many of these trainees were “lost” in the line of duty. On occasion these trainees would pass into a branch of the priesthood called the Sons of the Dragon.”

I remember Atlantis.