Quartz / Science Museum Dream 09-06-21

This is perhaps stimulated by the dream previous.

I am at the entrance to the Science Museum. I am met by a young woman who is an events organiser. She walks me through my event plan, from where we will have coffee to the seating in the auditorium to where we have lunch. Then we move to where we will do the exercises. The idea is that this is a course for young scientists from the nearby university. It all looks nicely planned and the improvement work they have done on the museum is smart and clean.

I am then walking along a corridor and am met by three young men they want to know what the full schedule is for tomorrow. I tell them that I was planning to send out an email that morning.

One of them with blonde hair says that he was told to ask me about the spectroscopy of doping vacancies in quartz.

I say to him that under pressure the interatomic potentials in quartz change. As the atoms are pushed together the two potentials overlap to produce a little potential energy well at the top. The well is split such that it has two wells and a low barrier in between. Because of the low barrier there can be some electron tunnelling between the wells giving rise to a splitting of the energy levels.

I suggest that he look into the case of NV sites in diamond as this will inform him.

The dream ends.