Théun Mares – Heart Dream – 01-08-2011

I am in Africa with Théun. We are dressed in khaki shorts, with boots and khaki hunting vests. We are walking in a river, and he is showing me some aspect of hunting {stalking}. As we walk along we catch various fish which we discard. We near a rock pool which is where we are going to fish. The river goes between a rock formation, and he waits to show me what is past that. So, we go through the formation and right up to the lip of a waterfall which is there. The water cascades over this into a massive plunge pool. It is totally beautiful. I am a little nervous about the height but cope OK. As we pull back from the edge, I lift up the entire river bed as if looking underneath a carpet. I can see stars and a night sky under the “carpet”. I replace the carpet and we move back to the fishing spot.

Later on, we are inside a room. In front of us on a table lies a giant human heart which is still pulsing. I start to run a grater / mandolin over the heart. This removes the vitrified muscle so that the heart can function better. Théun looks on and there is the sense of us working on this heart together.

On the evening of the 4th of September, we were sat in the kitchen and our Le Creuset cast iron baking tray spontaneously split in two. I later learned that Théun is down as of the 5th of September as having passed peacefully in the night.