Moderna, Snakes and 2011 Dreams.

We went to the doctor today and we shall be having our first dose of the Moderna mRNA vaccine on Monday. She has advised us to take a paracetamol before vaccination. I also have a dermatologist appointment to check if the lesion on my left hand is a basal cell carcinoma or not. I have already have two removed from my face, the benefits of a Southern Hemisphere childhood. That hand was struck by ultraviolet laser beams over twenty years ago now. UV is known to mess with the DNA. I get to see the colon cancer specialist end of July for my 8th colonoscopy and will get the carcinoembryonic antigen test done before then. Six years since the removal of my tumour now. The doctor said that I should inform anyone genetically linked closely to me to get tested for colon cancer. No lecture about booze levels today, I may still be teacher’s pet for giving up smoking.

The R squared value for an exponential fit to UK covid data has risen to 0.86 today suggesting that it is getting pretty darned exponential.

Saw the grass snake yesterday it was in the pond. I was doing my usual circumambulation and startled it, which startled me. It swam into the centre of the pond and then turned and set its beady eyes on me. I stood eye to eye for a while. It is the Natrix Helvetica one. It swam to the side when I was far enough away and went to hide under the overhang. I went to get the wife to have a look. But when we got back there was no sign of it.

It is pretty weird reading all those dreams from 2011. If dreams can in anyway be seen as “evidence” many of them are pointing at me being a fully severed three pronged nagal. A friend asked me does that help you in getting liberated. I said nah, just means that I am even more detached than most. A running thread is that there are two threads, Toltec and Buddhist.

There are few more corkers in the remaining journals. Some I have completely forgotten about indeed one suggesting that I had a number of Egyptian lives. Next few books should take me up to 2014-15 where I started keeping digital records and archives.

I wonder are there any other significant dreams which I have missed.

Time for a glass to help with the pizza making…