Théun Dying Dream 22-10-2011

I am somehow at a hotel resort overlooking vast dunes. I notice Théun walking there, and he looks very old and frail. I ask him if he would like to talk. {According to published dates he is already dead several weeks}. No not now he replies, and he turns and walks away. I think to myself “whatever”.

I proceed along the dune cliffs for a while and find a sandy entrance to the sea. I start to make my way down the sand, but the coastline has changed since I was last here. So, I lay back on the sand and allow it to carry me down as it collapses into the sea. I am a little scared but not that much. As the cliff crumbles, I end up in the sea. I am dressed in shorts with my purple polo shirt. I am standing in the sea and the current is very strong. There is no way back up the cliff. I know that what I have to do is float. I lie back into the water and allow the current to take me. I float along the shore until I find a way back out of the sea. I clamber over the green wall / verge up onto the promenade. I am wearing a sparkly silver bathing costume and my physique is muscular and extraordinary.  I wander along the promenade it has a Spanish feel to it.

Working my way through the cafes and bars I bump into Théun. He has changed his mind and ushers me into a bar / hall. There is masonic symbolism here. He heads off inside with a renewed vigour / youth. He beckons me to follow him which I do.

He is lying on a bed with two other men. I am to join them. I lie down on the bed.

{All four directions are now covered.}

One of the men offers me an inhaler with some liquid spray. I take the inhaler and inhale a squirt. He offers it again and I take some more. He says that it is free, and the Spanish health authority pays for it.

Somehow, we are all sat around a table, and he asks me to speak about the village.  I say that I have felt people here and that Neil has definitely been here. Yes, he had a major impact on the town. He has modernised the electricity and sorted out some of the attractions at the funfair. We chat a little longer.

The two other men get up to leave joking with each other about buying some weed.

Théun is now paddling in the sea, and I see him from a distance begin to have trouble. He is having difficulty breathing. Somehow, I am with someone who looks like my cousin J who is a nurse. I ask her what is needed it is my Ventolin. When I get there, he is being given CPR. I go to the hospital with him. I am sat beside him feeling his veins whilst they sort out a drip. I know that I am bringing him comfort. He passes away. There is a no resuscitation order in place. It is clear to see that he was in a mess physically.

With the J look alike I say that I need to tell the groups. She asks why do I need to tell the groups as I don’t believe in the Toltec Teachings. I tell her that despite what many think I have always been working with the Toltec Teachings just not with the groups. There are a few who I have been working and in contact with especially B. She seems OK with this and will allow me to contact them through her. She wants to tell a friend in Switzerland. I say no it must be concerted.

We stop off for her to charge her phone and put money into her internet account. She opens up a contraption to do this. It has cylinders of oxygen which she plugs in to the phone to charge and soon we will be ready.

OK now we have to think. What was Théun’s purpose in ensuring that I was there at the end? That I was the last person holding his arm and that I will be the one to tell the groups about how he died? Knowing full well that they will be pleased it was me there at the end.


It is not uncommon for me to have “visitations” from the not long dead.