Blind Indian Woman {Ganesh} Dream 27-06-2012

I am called to a large Indian house. It is expensively and tastefully decorated. I am bought in to see a young Indian woman who is connected up to all sorts of tubes. She is blind. I give her my arm and am introduced as Alan. She holds my arm tightly. We go for a walk. I am to guide her and can read her thoughts.

The family are all around and a man comes in. Everyone is surprised to see him. I ask why. There is no answer. She then tells me that he is her husband.

Everyone is getting ready for a formal ceremony / dance. Her sister asks me if I can dance. I say not much but I did do some martial arts {implying hope that I might be able}. Now holding the Indian woman by the arm, we progress to the front of the queue to talk with the religious man / guru there. As a part of the ceremony, we have to repeat his words. We do this in unison flawlessly. We then dance around in circles. Apparently, dancing was her job. With me, her now blind, we can do this. We progress for a while and then fall over. We get up and start again, covering the hall effortlessly.

The ceremony can now begin.

Dream ends.

When I read this this morning, I was immediately taken to my Dancing With Ganesh dream. It seems to me that this Indian woman opened the door for the incoming Ganesh theme.