Up To Date and Being Investigated Dream

I have just finished reading all my 17 A4 journals. I don’t know what prompted me to do this, but I have felt some sense of urgency. I feel somehow more relaxed now.

The most bizarre thing is that people from my past continue to crop up in dreams, especially those from my former employer. This is weird. There is another (unpleasant) connection with some people who have trained in Taoist martial arts. {I never did any of this.}

Last year I had a dream which implied that my father, wasn’t actually my father, whereas my sister was his. He and I were not very alike. He did have a clerical error on my Birth Certificate adjusted.

I also had a very realistic dream in which I was being investigated by military police. I “saw” them arrive at my old house, my last known UK address, to be greeted by my old landlord. In the dream they later arrested me and cuffed me. It is not beyond the realms of possibility because one of my close relatives works in a security sensitive role. The M.P.s might check up on things, my absence in particular. They may even have contacted my employer.

The same theme popped up, unprompted, a few months later. If someone is investigating me, it would be pretty hard to find anyone in the UK other than the landlord who knows my French address because I did not tell anyone. It simply never occurred to me so to do.

The people at the Intellectual Property Office have my address.

The most obvious theme is any time I go anywhere near anything to do with high technology / science in one way or another the shit hits the fan. Noted.

The universe let me teach high school science. That was OK.

I should hear from the IPO some time later this year. Given the above observation of theme I am feeling a tad circumspect.


Off for a Moderna mRNA this afternoon…