Is God a State of Awareness?

Most of the current world religions were “started” quite a while ago and are to a certain extent book or scripture based. One could argue that the basic behavioural tenets are roughly the same and suitable for living aside our fellow humans without too much strife. The rules are not strictly adhered to, they are seen by most as guidelines and the occasional sin is deemed not the end of the world. When the religions were “founded” humanity was less capable of abstract thought than it currently is. The knowledge via electromagnetic wave spectroscopy of the universe did not exist. The physics, chemistry and biology taught in our high schools was way beyond the ken of the most enlightened minds. Only a very small percentage of the population could read and write. And believe it or not, back then there were no mobile ‘phones.

I was raised in a largely secular family. I did spend four years at a Christian Wesleyan preparatory school and a few months at a Catholic convent in Zambia. In religious Education I remember having to draw scenes from the bible, with beards, lots of beards. I got bad marks because my handwriting and drawing were not good.

If you were trying to communicate with an uneducated and illiterate crowd for whom the daily acts of living were harsh and difficult how might you communicate?

Why, you would probably tell them stories based close to their life experience and their familial living. They would be metaphor or allegory and the full message never the face value only. In a patriarchal society Father is the boss and his says so runs the house.

If the dead Son sits at the right hand of the dis-incarnate God, are we not picturing deity from our own mundane perspective. Does a God have a hand, if so what for?

If we are trying to be atone with the father, are we not saying we are trying to elevate our awareness to a higher and more expansive state. One could suggest that deity is simply a state of awareness far extracted from the pettiness of our mundane ambitions and gripes.

God has got to be a lot more abstract than some white geezer with a beard sat on a cloud, pointing a finger. Besides the Indians and Japanese and many others, have different pictures of God (s).

If we postulate that God is an elevated state of awareness and not an actual being, then there are just multiple ways around the world of describing the same thing from within a given cultural heritage.


Time to go and shift some grass.