Fromage or Pleb Quiz

This psychometric test has been developed with the help of some of the greatest world experts and has been shown to demarcate exactly your status in the material world with unprecedented precision. It says where you stand in the cosmically important and utterly permanent social societal hierarchy. This is a self-assessment exercise.

Check one box for each question and ascertain your mundane status for yourself.

In your own highly esteemed opinion are you a big cheese?YesNo
Do you have shit loads of post nominals?YesNo
Are you addressed by a title other than Mr or Mrs?YesNo
Do you have shit loads of cash?YesNo
Do others doff their caps in awe when you walk in the room?YesNo
Do people believe you even when you are making shit up and trying to wing it?YesNo
Are you a plastic surgery addict and social influencer whatever that means?YesNo
How many followers on social media do you have?>100K<100K
Are your parents famous and can you trade on their fame?YesNo
Do you drive an expensive car(s)?YesNo
Do you go to Dubai to take cheesy snaps and claim that this is work?YesNo
Do you have the right to fuck with the lives of other people?YesNo
In the opinion of your acolyte brown nosers, are you are big cheese?YesNo
Can you change a lightbulb?NoYes
Have you got a slave for things like that which are clearly beneath you?YesNo
Are you entitled to do whatever you please?YesNo
How do you manage your radiant magnificence in front of lowly beings?EasilyN/A
Does the world owe you a living because you have graced it with your presence?Hell yesUm…
Should we kneel before your omniscience and omnipotence?YesWhat?
Is your self-perceived status in the material world of huge importance to you?YesNo
Are you a fromage or a pleb?FromagePleb