Without Thinking

I wonder how many of us do hurtful and damaging things without thinking?

This train of thought is prompted by the defamation of character theme. People pass on “information” about others without checking its veracity or provenance. This can change the life circumstance for another being. It can limit what is possible for them to do. An insinuation amplified can trash their entire lives when viewed from the “normal” social conditioned viewpoint.

“What needs to be shown is that the statement damages your reputation or lowers you in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally.”

This particular line stood out for me. Who defines what right-thinking members of society are?

As I have said before on occasion, I have had someone gossip about me, to me, without them knowing who I am.  I once had a nasty article written about me in The Evening Standard newspaper where the journalist mentioned me by name over 20 times in one short piece. I was keeping confidential information given to me in confidence from him and he decided to brutally have a go at me. I ended up paying myself, for some therapy due to the events surrounding this. He could have had another suicide to write about, mine. I did not get much support at the time.

I often wonder what would have happened if I had said what I had been told in confidence so that everyone knew what had occurred. It would have changed multiple perceptions.

People who gossip are actually acting illegally in many cases. I doubt it even occurs to them that this is the case. Without thinking they spread the salacious juiciness. They damage the lives of others.

Viewed from the angle of a detached being. It is not so much the words that matters it is the unpleasant intent and motive which harms, energetically. If one has already abandoned there is nothing societal that one is gripping or striving for. But the energies still hurt irrespective of whether one hears the gossip or not. That malfeasance ripples through the web of life and strikes home.

People do so many things without thinking of the consequences. Sometimes I think that human beings in general are a nasty bunch with only a few gems amongst. All that selfishness and the ME/WE orientation.

What kind of species can come us with a statement about right-thinking members?

Who are they now?

The WOKE thought police?

The Daily Express?

The Tory party?

It is a bloody 1984 style line; George Orwell would be proud.

Well, if what I have been told is right, then I am never coming back. I am out of here, no more hasta la vista baby.

Found some more mole sign at the other end of the garden.

Looks like Monsieur Le Taupier has more work to do.