More on this Morning’s Dream

The juxtaposition in this morning’s dream has me wondering.

Way back I did have a research collaboration with RSRE Malvern and then maybe when it became QinetiQ. That collaboration was on SiGe alloys.  I forget when I visited last. I went there in total around half a dozen times. And I did work with Zhang and Joyce in real life. Here is the front page of a Physical Review Letter from ~25 years ago.  

So, the first part corresponds at least a little to physical plane reality. I am down as being in the department of Chemistry, so I was probably there to.

Why I should be dreaming about semiconductor heterostructure layers in the same “breath” as a deceased Tibetan master whom I have never met is a bit of a mystery. I did have a strong urge to go to Bhutan around 2004-2006 and this is where he lived. But he had already passed by then.

I have been getting a heavy Tibetan vibe on and off all day together with some breakthrough of people at the Institution I was at on the paper. Then there was the inquiry dream the other day.

The solstice is tomorrow and the year starts to pivot. I wonder what is going on.

In so far as I can tell I have never had a Tibetan, Nepalese or Bhutanese incarnation

It is getting a bit freaky so maybe I should go and make some Teriyaki (照り焼き) sauce for our dinner.