The Japan Connection

I have been to Japan maybe half a dozen times and I have dabbled with Japanese martial arts Karate, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Hoshinjutsu and Aikido.

When I was “told” that I had had two Buddhist lifetimes and given a clue as to the first I began delving into what the second one was. I felt a strong resonance with Shantideva and the Zen schools of Japan. The series Kung Fu had always drawn me and that pointed at Bodhidharma’s teachings. It was Ryokan and Dogen whose works resonated the most. I looked into Japanese Vajrayana, and it did not click. But the geo location of the monasteries did.

For whatever reason Microsoft have been putting an image of Fuji-san onto my computer today and it has taken me back to Yamanashi prefecture. I was there trying to install an instrument at a semiconductor production equipment manufacturer, late nineties. In a lull before my flight home, I walked up out of the town and up into a Buddhist cemetery. It was a beautiful clear day. In the cemetery there was a large statue of Buddha, and he was looking directly at Fuji-san to the South. There was still snow on the top. Beneath the large Buddha statue were some park benches. I had been working like crazy and had been ill just before this trip. In fact, I was utterly knackered.

I sat down on the bench and for I do not know how long I gazed at the spectacle of Fuji-san bathed in sunlight on a crystal-clear morning. It was such a healing thing. To sit there in the quiet with “Buddha” and look at Fuji-san.

This “second” is the one of which I have the least recall. My best guess is that it was a Japanese Buddhist life because when I landed in Japan I felt at home.

I am just now getting some extra stuff from around 2000 coming in…

So maybe I need to re-collect the events of when I went to Tokyo the last two times and my favourite hotel there.

The other theme present today is; “you just can’t make this shit up. Therefore, it might be true.”

If a UK science dude {once} is a reincarnation of some Buddhist dude 2.5K years ago that is some far-out shit and to top it off he is now living in the wilds of Brittany as a pensioner on a very modest stipend despite having done an ultra-high technology start-up and having worked at a world top ten technology university for over a decade.

I had better try to get an appointment at the psychiatrists…