Why am I Dreaming About a Previous Incarnation of a Tibetan Master?

Things are getting a tad weird again, said the wife this morning after reading my dream.

There is a part in the dream where I jump, from “semiconductor world” to “Tibetan Buddhist world.”

There is a kind of superposition state, an odd juxtaposition.

According to wiki Dilgo Rinpoche achieved Paranirvana, which would mean no need for reincarnation, yet we have watched his reincarnation in a film, who spoke of a fondness for Chogyam Trungpa.

He could have chosen the path of earth service, or he might be “overshadowing”. {My Guess}

I have just done a search for Buddhism in Brittany and it turns out that the European HQ of one of the lineages {Drukpa or dragon} is pretty much due South of here and only a hour’s drive away according to AA route Planner.


The moment I closed my browser in which I was doing a Google maps satellite view of the centre I got an email containing The European Quantum Flagship Newsletter

A bit more spooky

Far out man…

What is going to happen next?