220 litres of weeds

We have been tidying up the beds around the house today and I am rightly knackered. I did “the bowl” which sounds like something you might put cereal in. It is on a steep slope and as big as many UK city gardens. Last year when I was still quite spastic from the accident, I weeded it to a depth of 30cm sat largely on my arse. It had been overrun and there were shed loads of brambles and ivy. Today I harvested five and a half 40 litre buckets of weeds and pine needles which now rest in the trailer ready to go to the tip later this week. The trailer is about half full now and probably has 200kg of stuff in it.

Way, way less stuff than last year, up in the bowl. The Acanthus is starting to flower there, which may feature photographically.

Because it has been raining the grass has grown – a lot.  We need to get some petrol tomorrow. I foresee four days of strimmer frenzy in the not-too-distant future for me and tractor tondeuse action for the wife.

Tomorrow I will check the first set of mole traps. It will be a while before I have enough for a moleskin jacket.

Wow, I am really quite tired.

Jamaican jerky-turkey and mango for tea.


Nice muscle ache…