Back to Likelihoods

It seems to me that life is going to continue to be gardening, DIY, cooking and with the odd trip out for walkies either in the countryside or the seaside. I have an additional thing in my routine and that is every time I go out the back door, I look up to see the female swallow’s little head popping up above her nest. She occasionally flies off for food and a drink from the pond. Soon there will be baby swallows to feed. The male swallow visits daily and they have an aerial acrobatics session just for fun.

I got a letter from USS encouraging me to go paper free and this is how it looks for another ten years we will be living on our joint pensions of around 2000 euros a month with a light inflation tracking increase. In the fullness of time, we will need to buy a new car. Better to start saving now perhaps.

Despite the recent dreams I can’t see any other outcome for the time being.

I can speculate about what happened, why it happened and the wider implications. But I am not sure that will get me anywhere.

It seems currently that the only option is this quasi-hermitic existence.