Can You Submit a Buddha to the Research Excellence Framework?

In the UK it is not uncommon to claim kudos by association, though now Wokery has made this a tad more difficult and perhaps politically dangerous.  If someone famous has lived or worked somewhere it is customary to put up a blue plaque a bit like this.

I have been having an amusing, at least to me, thought stream today.

If for example you were a science and technology university and it transpired that a subsequently recognised Bodhisattva or Tulku had worked at your illustrious institution for a decade, might you wish to highlight this in your PR?

How could you measure provenance before you made this decision?

Clearly you can’t submit the research output of said putative imaginary Bodhisattva to the REF because there are no measurable indicators.

But you might like the warm glow of saying a future Buddha taught here to take the edge of your competitive and mildly aggressive image.

Which might you prefer a blue plaque to yet another Nobel laureate or a blue plaque to a reincarnation, a buddha?

Which has more kudos?

Kind of a weird thought form…

Well, it has been raining a lot today.

Maybe I need to get out more.