It is raining so do the wine decanting…

I made my first gallon of wine when I was 12 years old. I persuaded the science master and the house master at boarding school that it was a science “project”. They let me brew wine in the dormitory. It was always intended for consumption and I guess they suspected that. Nowadays this would be frowned upon. Because I later won the science scholarship to the upper school the science master let me get away with all sorts of stuff.

And we did have a different kind of midnight feast that year. I does not take much to get a 12 year old quite drunk.

Two of these are ready for decanting and tranfer to the attic.

The tools of my trade.

This one has not long stopped fermenting.

The clarity of this apple and cranberry looks good!

I like the colour and the clarity of this one. It should be ~14.5% ethanol by volume, made from grape juice and about 1.10 euros a bottle if I write off the capital expenditure on kit.