Things You Don’t Know About

One of my most pleasing memories of my days working in pastoral care was trying to write good references for people who had not really done all that well academically. There are some still here on this computer which I’ll delete later on today. One had to craft a factually correct reference but in a way in which they stood a chance as a candidate. I would take a lot of time to do this.

Perhaps the best correspondence I had was with someone here in France. One of the students wanted to study at a prestigious wine school. This candidate was well qualified. I exchanged a number of flowery quasi-poetic letters with the admissions team in a style that was unlike my normal one. I happen to know a bit about wine and winemaking, and I am pleased to say he got a place on the course. I have an offer to visit his family vineyard if I am ever in the ‘hood.

At one stage I used to geek about wines and vintages, so that geek-ing had some use after all. I still occasionally surprise people in wine stores.

My careers adviser at high school said that based on my hobbies and chemistry I should go into brewing / winemaking.

I also used to geek about fish and fishing. I probably know more about that than is good for me. At one stage I could tell you the record catch for each Latin-named species in the UK and Europe.

Ill wager that for just about anybody, even those we imagine we know well, there are things pertaining to them about which we do not know.