Moles, Strimming, a Film Script and Richard Gere.

A little over a week ago I set three sets of traps for the first of two moles. When the professional Taupier came I watched him very carefully. He was a Breton and like me used to play rugby at number two, the hooker. One of his sons was having a youth trial France. We had a nice long chat about all the wildlife in garden. He asked if he got a camera trap for his birthday could he place it by Le Jaudy. When I opened the first two traps no mole. On the third one the moment I lifted the clod of earth I knew I had caught one. There was that familiar smell of something dead and decaying. I extract the dead creature and then put it out in full sight up by the grass cutting. It is no longer there. The idea is to let nature recycle. I have now saved something like 200 euros in mole catcher fees.

This afternoon I have been strimming which means walking several kilometres swaying back and forth carrying a 10-kilo weight with a very high vibration two-stroke engine. When you stop the hands still feel the vibration for about half an hour. One of my legs, the one with the repaired femoral neck is about a centimetre shorter than the other. Because there was some nerve damage it is not as responsive to changes in the ground level. It is like driving a car with hard suspension. I managed a tank and half of petrol which is two hours continuous. I will have problems walking tonight because my hips will seize up. And then tomorrow same thing, before the rain sets in again.

On and off all day I have been getting “breakthrough” of a visual image of Richard Gere and a well known photographer. Why I am getting this Richard Gere thing is unknown other than he did narrate a short film we watched the other night on a Buddhist theme. It is really strong. Odd…Not unpleasant, almost happy, definitely benign.

While I was out strimming, it occurred to me that some of the things in this blog are a tad unusual. They could, at a push be made into a film script. That is a style of writing that I have not really tried.

I had a lot of issues with my health, seen some weird stuff and had a bunch of dreams. This reminds me of one The Tarot Set we saw in Vienna on honeymoon. It was 36,000 euros and each immaculately painted Marseilles Tarot was about 40 cm by 20cm and made out of tile. Someone had had the set painted beautifully and it was part of the wall in a house. I was pretty close to buying because I still had some cash at the time.


Experiment with writing in the style of a script?