The Problem with BS and Hype

People tend to make shit up and hype in order to “sell” a message. They assert and pay very little attention to facts or any annoying detail which differs from their assertion. Certain personality types are more prone to this. {ENTP is one of them.} They can get caught up in their assertions, their “groovy” ideas and mistake them for reality. For example, one could use the tag line “get Brexit done”. It still isn’t done fully though some may beg to differ. They will spin that it is done. It isn’t. There are still many in the UK who have not applied for settled status, though apparently some 5.8 million have. I am still waiting to find out if I am going to have to take a French driving test. There are loads of details which have not been ironed out. Bah it is just detail. No, if I have to do a French driving test it will cost me a lot of cash. Plan? No, let’s make shit up and try to wing it.

I saw this today.

“A trade war with Europe, problems with the Northern Ireland protocol, and warships deployed to Jersey: no one put any of that on the side of a bus during the Brexit referendum. Five years on from that historic vote, there is, in fact, still no easy way to discern precisely what Brexit will bring, economically, socially or politically.”

From Today’s Independent Online

I wrote a piece for my French homework predicting a fishing trade war before Brexit was “done”.

It is funny how people can ignore the bleeding obvious when they are blinded by their own rhetoric. The more inconvenient something is the more it is ignored. People who like metaphors often do not wish to see the obvious fly in the ointment or that huge elephant in the room.

Have you ever mistaken your assertions for reality?

Have you ever been blinded by your own rhetoric?

Do you fail to see and acknowledge elephants in the room?