70 Years On.

We find ourselves about seventy years on from the statement (previous) co-written by my brother on the second ray. In that time there have been many experiments some are ongoing. Over the last few years, I have kept my eyes open for signs of these and have found several, because I am entrepreneurial and have a seventh ray personality vehicle, I have reached out to touch base, very lightly. We have shared a few words of good will.

I myself was involved in one such experiment and my participation in it did not go anywhere near its potential. It lived on after my metaphorical passing.

One could argue that this current incarnation into a vehicle that was interested in science was planned ~2500 years ago. Almost by accident I found myself doing a Ph.D. at a prestigious niche institution. If a woman called Sue had gotten two less marks out of one thousand, I would have qualified for a SERC quota studentship instead of her and stayed at the place where I did my first degree, UCL. Sue by accident forced me to look elsewhere. It is ironic that when she first tipped up, I helped her with her notes and learning. That putative 2500-year-old experiment has largely failed too. I am practically a hermit and what knowledge I might have will fade on my physical plane exit. There are things that cannot be put down on paper and which need mind to mind.

I think the richer part of humanity has gone backward in terms of gross materialism. The horrors of war have been forgotten and vampiric acquisitional materialism is ravaging the planet. People are obsessed with the form side of life. Pornography and plastic surgery are now the twin gods along with ersatz online popularity. Vacuous empty-headed celebrity is seen by so many as something to aim for, FFS.

We are having a world changing pandemic and all people want to know about is when can I go on holiday, when can I go down the pub and when can I get a casual leg over without risk of lung disease. Seems to me the learning potential inherent in this situation has been largely squandered.

What do you think it will take in order for humanity to start to wake up?

The climate change science suggests some pretty dire stuff on the cards.

Will we listen or bury our heads in the sand, there is always tomorrow after all?

I say let’s go to Ibiza, get utterly pissed and have drunken sex with a different partner each night.

That will see the world to rights…