Being Shot at – Pandemic – White City Dream – 24-06-2021

Here is this morning’s dream.

Several of us are on a bus driving along a city street. We are pulled over by what looks like plain clothes policemen in overcoats. The style of the coats is old fashioned and some of the men are wearing hats. We are asked / told to disembark. The men then get us to line up. It is now clear that they are not police but bad men. They walk up and down the line looking at us. One man says that he is thinking about shooting us. He stops at me and asks if I would like to be shot. I say no. He then suggests that I walk towards the old school building. Instinctively I know that he is going to shoot me. I start walking and as he reaches inside his coat for his gun I start to run. He takes his gun out, aims between my shoulder blades and misses. I hear the bullet whiz pass and know that he is not a very good shot. He starts to pursue me around the school buildings firing from time to time. I know that he is not a good shot and that if we keep moving, he will miss. He fires at me, between the shoulder blades at least half a dozen time. In the dream I know that he is trying to shoot me in the back because my back feels his intent and his aim.

The scene changes and we are in a house. In the back bedroom are some young French people. They have broken into the house and are squatting there. They are chatting in a mixture of French and English doing some project for school. We are thinking about making some coffee so make our way to the kitchen. The floor of the lounge is wet and getting wetter. There is a hallway off the lounge to the kitchen and this too is filling with water. We are happy enough to get wet feet in the lounge but in the hallway, there are clumps of what looks to be purple algae floating. We decide to retrace our steps out of the lounge to some dry ground. I suggest that I will pop into town to see if I can buy some coffee.

I go around to the side of the house to find a / my bicycle there. I get on it and ride off into London. The streets are deserted looking new and clean. This is because the new pandemic has started everyone is afraid to go out and have been ordered to stay at home. I ride by an apartment building and see Prof A. getting into her white old-style car. She sees me and we give each other a friendly wave. She is going into work because she is a scientist.

I get to a part of London which I do not know well. I pause and have a look around. I see a paved pedestrian area and think that this is the way. On the other side, up on a hill I see the white Barclay’s Fort and other new looking white buildings. In the dream I know this to be White City. I think to myself that I should probably leave in case I bump into some of my old colleagues. As I think this I bump into T.  He is looking a lot older and quite “beaten up”. J also appears and does P and one other. It is clear that they do not know what to say to me so they start to tell me of how research is currently funded. I politely ask some questions. It dawns on them that they haven’t shown any interest in me. I know that they are only interested in themselves. One of them says, “we heard that you broke your hip. How did that happen?” I reply that I slipped and fell in the kitchen. The conversation is clearly awkward. They make their way off into work, they too are permitted out as their science is seen as key work.

The dream ends and I note the strange juxtaposition of being shot at and the meeting of former colleagues.