Karmic Amplification

I have long held this notion of Karmic Amplification. What I mean by this is that an unfaced piece of karma or a karmic challenge avoided, results in the amplification of the karmic “reward”. If the universe wants you to face up to something and you don’t, it will ramp things up and continue to ramp things up the longer you try to evade your piece of karma in need of working off. The consequences will ripple out like dominoes collapsing in multiple directions.

From time-to-time people get knelt by the universe.

The universe can take someone and rub their noses in their own shit, just like one might do with a young puppy.

The most obvious example of karmic amplification at work comes with the telling of a lie, a falsehood. It is very rare for one falsehood not to lead to another. With an inevitability the first falsehood requires others to prop it up. In time the number of these falsehoods amplifies. One lie might at first need only two more to keep it under wraps. That two becomes four. The anxiety about being found out can then mount. The four becomes eight and before long it becomes very difficult to keep track of what you have said and to whom. Then if the universe wants you knelt it can all start to unravel in a totally dramatic and sometimes highly public fashion.

Failure to accept something is another example. Recently a “well-balanced genius” refused to accept an election result and threw his toys out of the cot, tarnishing the reputation of a country which he pertained to love, beyond measure and causing people to die as a result. I saw a man from an African dictatorship being interviewed on France 24. He said that the goings on in Washington reminded him of home. The longer one fails to accept something the worse it gets. People can inflict themselves so unpleasantly on others.

Karmic amplification can be decades, or even longer in gestation during a given life. It one accepts the notions of karma and reincarnation, karmic amplification can span lifetimes. One can “earn” for oneself a truly unpleasant and arduous life in which one is forced, and this is the right word, to face up to and own what one has tried to avoid.

Karma accrues interest between incarnations. A debt must be paid, and it earns interest.

What do you reckon does this notion of karmic amplification ring true for you?