Things Are Just Dandy

I have been reflecting on the moral fibre of UK politicians this morning. Things are just dandy we have an irrevocable promised Freedom Day and the quality of fit to UK daily covid case numbers to a simple exponential is now at ~0.95 out of a possible 1, where 1 is a perfect fit. If this trend continues in less than three weeks daily case numbers will top 40,000.

What are they going to do if this is the case?

I know let’s have a football tournament and invite thousands of fans into the stadium.

We have a world beating test and trace system, we have a world beating vaccination programme. Puff up chest to brag and show off.

The former health secretary has alienated his entire department and instead of appointing a previous health secretary to the role, an ex-chancellor is in place. A chancellor who is a not a pal of Cummings. In the middle of a pandemic the obvious choice would have been someone who knows the department.  I don’t personally like him, but Jeremy Hunt is a safer pair of hands. I have respect for him. But no people are way too petty for that.

It is like with Cameron, he called the Brexit vote as a gamble and when it did not go his way he buggered off and left someone else to try to clear up his mess. There is an outside chance that Boris is no longer enjoying his job, he has been somewhat absent in the midst of this current shenanigan. Be careful what you wish for and all that. Bah it is only like flu. Welcome to ICU at St Thomas’, prime minister.

All this rhetoric about beating a virus is a bit odd. The virus is just doing its thing, it is not at war. They say things like escape the vaccine. Bizarre. Do they mean that the antibodies produced by the vaccine are not effective against the newer variants of the virus? Is the virus consciously trying to trick us like some cunning thing? It is a nanoparticle not an evil genius.

There are elements of this that look like a perfect storm brewing.

I am not being a harbinger of doom, but it does look that balance is sorely lacking, and things could go more wrong. Maybe we need someone sensible and a little boring, like Theresa May. She probably would not be shagging her aids or a man young enough to be her son.

All these lads, gangs of lads, being laddish, showing off to one another having pissing contests up urinal walls. This is not what is needed now.

Are we not just dandy?

I am so glad we are here and not there.