Walking in the Rain and Plant Identification

I have a new pastime which is plant identification via Bing image search. What one does is to take a photograph of a plant which we might have referred to as tall purple spire thing and do an image search on Bing. It throws up similar images and then all one has to do is write down the Latin name and then search that to cross reference. Purple spire thing is actually called Veronica, sorry ma’am. Today I have found Dianthus, Borago, Fumaria and Campanula.

So as to avoid the Tour de France we headed off to Palacret for a walk in the woods. There is now a box there for walkers to leave Haiku in. These are then written {painted} up on slates and positioned around the site. I am tempted to see what happens if I put some English “haiku” in the box. Someone is now looking after the site which is an old mill and education centre with enhanced care. Le Jaudy was the power source for the mill, the very same water has flowed through our garden. You can see the signs of love around the site now.

Because we were forecast changeable, I took my ~30-year-old cagoule with me. I bought it in Kendall many moons ago. The canopy has grown since our last visit and there is a lot of shade, less flowers. There is a however a green of majestic vibrancy. When we were pretty close to the limit of what my gammy leg will cope with, it started to rain. It was about 20 degrees. What a sound, rain on a canopy in the forest! I did not put the cagoule on, I walked in the rain. This is something which I have always loved doing, getting my hair wet with the issue from heaven, feeling the odd big drop land shiveringly on the spine. It is such a feeling of life, walking and sometimes even dancing in the rain. I have on occasion, when people have been a bit glum, insisted that they go outside with me to dance in puddles. It is a mood changer and tremendous fun. The water made the green vibrancy even better, lusher.

All that madness in London seems far, far away.

Next up, Chicken Jalfrezi with a twist…