French Admin Fun

It is due to rain this afternoon and there has finally been agreement between France and the UK about the driving licence situation. This means I am set up for French Admin Fun. As a rule of thumb once the systems are set up or started, they work fine. However, getting things in motion can be a tad tricky. It should {hmnn} be simpler now we have French ID.

This process means that I will be swapping my UK drivers licence for a French one. I am guessing but it probably means that I’ll have to surrender my UK photocard. Slightly odd feeling to that.

After the exciting Coypu start to the day things are settling into the normal weekly routine.

We will have a trip to the supermarket tomorrow and if the remorque, the trailer, is full, we will be going up to the tip. The 2004 vintage diesel Clio is the one number plated for the trailer. It has 140,000km on the clock. We are doing less than 5000 a year with it so it should last a bit longer. At the moment we are hunting out the mice who chewed the high-tension cables on the engine. Both cars passed their Controle Technique {MOT} so we don’t need them tested for two years.

Strimmer frenzy this morning and admin fun this afternoon. It is gone 9am so it is now ok under the prefectural edict to use noisy garden equipment.