The Intelligence Thread

Whilst I was out strimming this morning, I remembered something from the night. On two separate occasions I woke up with the words Military Intelligence resident in my consciousness. I am not exactly out and about in the general population, so I thought it odd.

Then I remembered the Malvern dream and something I read at the IPO web site.

From their web site:


A small number of applications may become subject to directions under section 22 of the Patents Act. This places restrictions on, for example, the disclosure of the application to any third party or filing equivalent applications abroad.

Applications where directions under section 22 are known to be required, for example when a government department or a foreign government requires secrecy, or applications which relate to a classified government contract, should be filed directly to:

You should not use facsimile transmission or electronic filing.

You may file such applications by hand at Newport or London in envelopes marked ‘for attention of Room GR70’ but only during opening hours. You should inform the receptionist that the application is for GR70 rather than the usual front office.

We screen every application filed to check whether it should be placed under directions according to Section 22 of the Patents Act 1977. This includes applications such as:

  • UK national applications
  • European patent applications under the European Patent Convention (EPC)
  • international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

If such directions are imposed, we will write to you within six weeks of filing your application. You must provide an address for service within the UK for all applications placed under section 22 directions.

The directions under section 22 may only be lifted after your application has been inspected by the Ministry of Defence. You must file a Form DP2 to request such an inspection (we will send a copy of this form to you when we notify you of the directions); it is in your interest to return this form to us as soon as possible if you think the directions should not remain in force.

The following is a brief guide to the procedures for the different types of application if placed under section 22 directions.”

I have had a look at their guidance, and it covers a lot of areas. It is just possible that my application falls into one of these areas. I don’t have a UK address.

It is a tad freaky…

Probably nothing though…