Nasty Pedantic Killjoy Scientist or Whacko Fruitcake TreeHugger?

This quantum superposition state of quasi-orthogonal wave functions sums up in many ways the story of my last twenty years or so. I have, on occasion, been treated with suspicion by each “species”.

If someone says, “can you feel the vibration” what does that mean to you?

If you shorten it and say good vibes instead of good vibrations, is that better? Yes, because it won’t cause a spectroscopist to inquire as to the frequency range specified.

Vibes is a good term for the experiences of mood and feeling. Moreover, each person experiences vibes differently bro’.

I have had to point out that higher-frequency light can be carcinogenic and is not a desirable thing for soft wet matter in general. Obvs. I am being mean and pedantic, or am I?

Personally, I think it unwise to try to use well defined scientific jargon to attempt to legitimise “spirituality”. To the scientifically uninitiated it might sound groovy and legitimate, but to others it just sounds silly.

Hey man we are living in a new quantum hyperdimensional paradigm at the other end of a blackhole from an alternate reality in a toroidally curved and quantised helix of evolving space time plasma.

Pray, tell me how one might survive passing through a blackhole?

Scientific fame and kudos are man-made thought forms that only have an existence in the thought stream of the beings having them. They are not real and tangible, you cannot measure them with a high resolution laser and a photomultiplier tube. At best they are artificially constructed and on a cosmic scale fleetingly short-lived.

When did you get elected FRS?

I suspect that a lot of the difficulty arises through sloppy use of language and this especially between disciplines or species.

To my view the modern physically measurable sciences, including medicine and excluding psychology and related, largely measure the interaction of matter and energy, in the context of space and time, in other words scale. That is what they have been developed to do. To try to apply quantum mechanics to the macroscopic is to not understand its basis. Yes, it will help sell dishwasher tablets. To look for an electrical signal of soul, with current instrumentation, only inside the brain, is to use the wrong tool for the job. You can measure the degree of cessation of the stimulus of the grey matter. But you won’t measure “mind”. At best you will only get a measurement of a secondary effect of mind. Mind might be the cause of a measurement, but you will not measure it directly.

I have had a look at some nice web sites today intended to foster collaboration across disciplines and they are so glossy that I am immediately put off. Nice web development query depth of substance. I have a suggestion from someone else which I may follow up on. In the past I have tried a couple of science / spirituality organisations, but they had a lot of internal positional power politics.

Humans have a big problem getting past status and hierarchical and organisational position. It is a truly massive hurdle. It is one to which I have no answer.

High “status” people get uppity if you challenge this God of theirs, status. It gets you nailed to a bit of wood or burned or shunned.

As an aside they are now hunting for someone to punish for leaking the health secretary in his ultra-vanilla sex tape. Someone will be made to pay for the temerity.

Cauliflower cheese for dinner…

Time to prep.