The Kudos Quiz – Do You Have Kudos?

Are you the Pope?YesNo
Are you Her Royal Highness Our Majesty the Queen?YesNo
Do you have an Instagram Account?YesNo
Do you have more than 100 million followers?YesNo
Have you successfully launched your own racy lingerie brand?YesNo
How many plays has your best You Tube video had?>500K<500K
Have you appeared on “reality” TV?YesNot sure
Have you won a Noble prize?YesNot yet
Who has more kudos HH Dalai Lama or Albert Einstein?AlbertDalai
Are you pals with Taylor Swift?YesWho?
Do you have a title like Sir, Dame, Lord or something like that?YesNo
Are you most reverend or Rinpoche?YesNo
Is your net worth in excess of half a million?YesNo
Have you been admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame?YesNo
Do you play football for a ridiculously large salary?YesNo
Are you a Secret Angel for VictoriaYesNo
Have you been on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”?YesNext season
Have you got a stupid brand name like Jean-E-Us?YesWorking on it
Are you a legend in your own lunch time?YesVide Supra
How do you rate yourself?MegaN/A
Do people brown nose you?Hell yeahNo
Do you have a cohort of toadies?BiglyNah
Does society imagine that you are important?YesNo
In your own opinion do you have kudos?Yes, loadsNo, not a lot