For The Foreseeable Future

In a few days’ time I will do the July photolog of the garden. This will help us understand what needs pruning and what needs cutting back. We have found many more plants flowering this year than the one before. My guess is that because they got some light last summer, they were able to recover from being almost without photons the year before. This means in all likelihood we will get an even better display next year. I have manged to put names to some of the plants. We have added some bulbs and the bluebells gave a nice show this year. I also transferred some wild bluebells up from the river.

We have started earmarking what will become firewood. We have to decide whether to be harsh or not pruning up in the orchard. It looks like there hasn’t been much pruning for a long time. There are some maintenance issues with a galvanised steel shed, and I am waiting on a replacement circuit board for the electric gate motor. My guess is some of the surface mount components have fried and my soldering isn’t all that.

It looks like the chicks of Mr and Mrs Swallow have hatched and they are now starting to get feeds of insect sick. We shall listen out carefully.

We are already planning what to add. There is a hankering for a willow to go down by Le Jaudy. There is a type of pine tree around here that looks like it has had a scare, these look good. A plant called “red hot poker” is popular here and these are quite grand. Over in the swamp one of the trees is sinking and it looks like it might threaten the fence. So, I may be over there with the axe and chain saw in due course. I’ll have to check early one morning if the duck and ducklings are still resident before I do this.

Because it is holiday season, if we are going up to the coast it will be first thing in the morning. After 10:30 there is a notable increase in traffic.

On the cards then is a re-weed of the central section. Then I will do a full strim along the front roadside of the property. Then it is the big laurel hedge around the erstwhile burn area. {We found out that fires of vegetation are banned by prefectural decree.}

This looks like the foreseeable future ongoing…we have no other plans.