Holiday Season – No Brits

We have been up to the coast this morning and all the cafes have their outside areas prepared. The maintenance of the beachfront here is excellent. At 23 degrees on July the first at 10:30 AM there were about forty people on a massive beach and half of them were children in sailing or paddle board school.

France has about 10% of the daily cases of the UK and yet it is on the amber travel list.

Now about one car in two at the coast is from outside our region. They have travelled here from the east, the south and the centre. There are also a smattering of Germans, Dutch and Belgians. We did not see or hear any sign of Brits. 

Before Brexit and pandemic, the place was swarming with them.

It has that nice resort laid back feel up at the coast quite a contrast to the country folk around here.

Not long after we got back someone started fishing at the end of our garden casting into the pool which is near our bridge. There is the usual toing and froing of tractors.