Bern – 90GHz—UBS Dream 02-07-2021 Worked Up

I woke up this morning at 6AM and was pretty sure that I would not go back to sleep. I did and had this dream. When I tried to wake up my right eye was difficult to open it been sealed with sleep. As an aside since I stopped smoking, I have had much more gummy eyes {sobriety lack of, can’t open} with loads of sleep. Here is the dream.

I am in a vast laboratory {Experiment?}. It is filled with optical benches upon which are optical components {? Window = vision or idealism} and lasers. I know this laboratory to be in Bern Switzerland.{noted} Unusually for this kind of laboratory one can see out of the windows {see out- vision from “above”} and to the town below. W { need to recapitulate my relationship with him} is excited he has received a parcel and is busy unwrapping it. It is a new slim, top of the range, Tektronix {TEKTRONIX = 2 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 9 + 6 = 46 which reduces to 10. Tarot 10 = La Roue de Fortune. Jewel 10 is impeccability. Dreaming Symbol is New Cycle. Impeccability through the repetition of past experiences / warning not to walk into old traps. 10 is the relationship between fluidity 1 and absolute freedom zero.} digital storage {? Something to do with memories?} oscilloscope.

It has all of the functions of the bulkier models but is slimmed down. I say to W that I can help him understand how to use it because all of the experiments at the lab of S used one of these. All we need first is a square { strength / stability} wave waveform generator so that we can have a play. BC {where did that come from? Need to recapitulate my relationship with him} says that he thinks there is one in the store. I go with him to the store and there is a pile of instrumentation. I see one with the name GR {where did that come from? Need to recapitulate my relationship with him, not so likely as he isn’t in the dream in person} on it and note that it is odd that it should be here in Bern. BC finds a square wave generator and hands it to me. He says that it starts at 90GHz. {9 + 0 = 9 this is completion or need for completion. It is the relationship between completion and absolute freedom. Tarot 9 is l’hermite this is how I am currently living} I comment that it might be a bit too high frequency for the oscilloscope. He says that probably not, the scope may not capture all of the waveform but should be Ok for us to play with. I go over to W.

Next, we are back in the flat. {view of the world} It is full of youngish men who all work at the laboratory. We are all sleeping in one bed {desire for rest need to wake up?}. It is somehow on a veranda outside the house. I wake up and decide to go shopping. I look across the valley where this is a night club called Bodhisattva {Bit incongruous but not so weird given that I had posted about this the night before}. We all sometimes go there. I think that it will be nice to look at Migros again. As I go into the shop there is a queue for baskets, and I am behind an old Swiss man. He unpacks the baskets and hands me one. I go into the store and am at the fruit counter. It is immaculately laid out with very high-quality produce { food = desire for spiritual nourishment} from around the world. It is even better than I remembered it. I get some groceries and take them back to the flat. Where I put them in a bag in the pantry. I explain to W that it is very nice to see high quality {emphasis on quality I have long felt that Switzerland and Japan are linked in this. I worked with W in Japan too }Swiss produce as things here are not so consistent.

In the dream I have paid with a UK credit card but to my surprise my UBS bank card is also in my wallet.  {Money is crystallised power.  BC surname is Crystal}

We are back in the laboratory, and I know that I have a job there. It has been easy to set up because my Swiss Bank account at UBS {Money is crystallised power UBS is 3 + 2 + 1 which adds up to 6 – inspiration and guidance from power / need for having to choose between the old and the new. Tarot 6 is l’amoureux. Bit of a push here?} is still active {in reality this is not the case}. We play with the oscilloscope for a while.

Next, I am back in the flat { view of the world} asleep in the big bed with a whole bunch of other people. The wife is there next to me. I am on the extreme edge of the bed, and she is nestled in my left arm. I kiss {Kissing need for strength / lack of strength / fear of strength / this does not sit well contextually } her on the brow, and everybody wakes up. I ask what time it is. Close to midday. I comment that is late. Not if you were up drinking and smoking {implied cannabis}. {The difficulty waking up theme is mirrored in the dream, need perhaps to be more wide awake?}

I had better rush to get to the bank before it closes. {Implies need to hurry up take some action perhaps. An opportunity or possibility may be passing}I rush – running – escapism opportunity for? } off down hill concerned that I will fall because of my left hip {Hip – fluidity lack off contextually fine}. I am a bit awkward running down the hill. I need to get to the bank {Money is crystallised power} to ask them for a new PIN {PIN  is 7 + 9 + 5 = 21 peace and success / a new beginning , this reduces to three creativity and joy lack of / mixed abundance. Feels like over kill and PIN is just a PIN} number for my bank card. I know that all I have to do is ask because they will recognise me. I could ask in English or German or even French. As I am running down the hill, {Descending stairs a need to reach for deeper implications, warning not to become retrogressive} rehearse what words I would need first in Hoch Deutsch and second in French. In my mind I know that the language I will choose depends upon who I meet at the bank counter. { languages here might suggest more talents than I think… a bit of a push}

Dream ends.