The Swiss Connection

Well, this morning’s dream was out of the blue and to visualize a Tektronix scope so clearly that I could read the label is a tad unprecedented.

This one {not the one in the dream} is close to top of the range and retails for around 48,000 euros. It looks to be a lovely piece of kit. In the dream I was right, no digital storage oscilloscope can cope with 90GHz.

The square wave waveform is reminiscent of one of the figures in my patent application.

I did do a postdoc in Bern. I did have a UBS bank account and I did shop at Migros. Before I was offered the position, I gave a talk at the Uni. When I went to open the bank account the teller was a bit off. But when I showed her the job offer, she was all Herr Doktor with me. My flat mate was indeed W.

On the “airwaves” fairly recently I picked up someone from London talking to someone in Zurich, prof to prof, as it were.

There is a big quantum effort in Genf, both academic and commercial. I could send them an exploratory email…

What is this pointing at?

Maybe need to do a dream work up.