It Is All About Motive

Before I get into this just a brief note concerning the swallow, she took up residence in her nest on 17th of June and today we have seen the first eggshell on the floor in the passage. This suggests that one has hatched.

These are odd times.

The quality of my exponential fit to UK covid case number data continues to improve, and the gradient gets ever steeper. Currently at the end of just two weeks it predicts 50,000 cases per day. Which means that 50,000 new virus incubations offer a chance for a new variant of the virus. In one week >350,000 samplings of the virus mutation hypersurface will commence. But according to the government the hospital admission case numbers are down, and we must reboot the economy. The death numbers are so far, also down. See to my eyes it would have been wiser not to have these mass football gatherings. To have waited just one more month would have given the vaccination programme a better chance. The UK enters lock-down late and leaves it early.

What is the motive behind these decisions?

Is it to “please” the punters and stay in power?

Or is an extrovert prime minister struggling with lack of contact and chances to energise by interacting with others and imagining that everybody else is just like him when they are not?

P type decision making is loose and allows exceptions, it prefers “guidelines” to rules. Guidelines offer room for manoeuvre. You are not allowed to have big marriages, but you can have 60,000 largely drunk people at a football match shouting at the top of their lungs and spreading pulmonary fluids into the air. Such a fantastic idea!

The one thing that this pandemic has offered us is the chance to learn forbearance. People don’t like this; it is not such fun. People want to have life on their own terms. To dictate to the universe their wants, desires and impulses. One can resist the life circumstance one finds oneself in or one can flow with it. It is not fair that we have to lock down, mummy.

There will be significant effects of this pandemic cause ongoing. People on the TV are on about how much money is needed for a whole host of things. I don’t as yet see any recognition of empty coffer syndrome. Being an old git, I remember interest rates of 15%. All it would take is for interest rates to start to rise again and a whole heap of countries will be deep in the brown stuff.

But no what we must do is have our freedom, fingers crossed everything will be OK.

I can look at unpleasant scenarios without catastrophising, others prefer not to look. My mind does not bolt off down the paddock like a wild horse.

One of the things that I learned on this “spiritual” journey is that the socially conditioned “guidelines” of modern living do not apply. One simply cannot think that they do otherwise you will be quickly very badly out of your depth and far from any foothold. Trying to apply the logic of success, ambition and competition can get you drowned, pronto. I have also learned that people who imagine themselves clever and sage, will not listen to or heed any advice that you might give them, because they know best. This even when they have not navigated the waters that you have. Everyone has to learn, few like to be taught.

People like positional power and the sustenance of this is the prime motive for any decisions they make. They may beg to differ but so very often this is the bottom line, sustenance of positional power. For expediency they may claim the motive of benevolent altruism, fly its flag. But no, the real flag is ME.

This selfish motivation, for the vast majority lies aback everything.

“What is in it for me?”, is the prime question. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

“If I give you a BJ, can I have, a promotion, ring, whatever? “

Human interaction, especially socially conditioned interaction, is very transactional.

Here is a question for you:

What proportion of your words and deeds are motivated by transaction?

How important is gain to you?