Harping On – Change the Record Please

Every morning when we watch the UK news there is some tory boasting about the highly successful vaccine roll out. It is like a stuck record with which they are trying to hypnotise us. Can they think of nothing else to say? It that it, the one message that we are to swallow hook line and sinker? Are they a one trick pony?

Are all the other vaccine programmes crap?

Here they quietly publish the data and let you decide for yourself, there is so much less harping on. The gap between vaccinations is smaller, no desire to get “headlines”, or be “first”.

As usual things take a while to get started here, but once they are started, they get cracking. There is discussion then action, not assertion and then bluster.

I am so bored with people harping on I have stopped watching the UK news for more than a few minutes at a time.