Wider Context

I’ll hazard a guess that many people are not overly interested in a wider context. What is important to them is home, hearth, and career, oh and maybe a holiday abroad. For many England supporters the single most important event in their lives, to date, happens later this week.

In science academia a Nature article is Sanctus, a Noble prize is Sanctus sanctorum. We each of us have our own operative contexts.

It is mildly amusing for me that IF the Bakula dream and vision-based hypothesis has any actual mileage and it becomes verified, people may wish to “claim” me. They could put up a plaque at my old school. I could become the bodhisattva of Bentley. They may even put it in the annals of the RI. Between 1985 and 1988….

Which has more kudos a reincarnated arhat or a Noble prize winner, Lord such and such of so and so?

It is all so crazy…

Time to put the red pepper in the beef paprikash and get myself another glass of wine…