I Ching – New Age Shop – Storm – Dream 06-07-2021

Last night we had some heavy rain and some very strong winds. These rattled the shutters and the plants on the balcony as a result of this I drifted in and out of sleep. In many towns there can be found a New Age or “Hippie” shop. These sell things like incense, crystals, dream catchers and books. Often, they have people resident who do cartomancy, healing and clairvoyance, for money. Anyone organising an event, or a course, might seek to place a poster and flyers there.  Normally the proprietors of the shops are nearly always practitioners of one kind or another. There is one in our local town. We have just swung by it to see if there was an urge to follow up the dream. There wasn’t. The time may not be now. When I has this dream I “knew” it was related to the one I worked up the other day with the Tarot in it, the one about a new cycle.

At the peak of the storm.

I drift off to sleep with the sound of the storm raging all around. I find myself and the wife in the central square of the local town. I am walking towards the door of the New Age shop. I open the door and walk inside. In French the proprietor greets me bonjour to which I respond in kind.

In French I ask him if he has an I Ching in French. He says that he does not. I explain to him that I am British. By now a middle-aged woman has joined us and she asks me about myself in French. The entire conversation is in French. I explain to her that the cycle started for me with the I Ching over twenty years ago and that I have participated in courses on Shamanism. I have given courses on Tarot and the Toltec Teachings. My special interest in in dreams and dreaming. I explain that I have done dream interpretations for others. She is very interested in this and asks if I have met G. I say that I have.

The dream starts to fade.

After this I am aware of various Breton figures with dark hair, mostly women, at the edge of consciousness. Some of them feel a bit “witchy” but not in a threatening way, more welcoming. This kind of thing is “normal” to me.

Later I am in another partial dream lying on a bed. A tall young woman with very short punky unnatural blond hair is near me. She is wearing denim shorts and slightly garish red and black striped tights. She has a fluffy blouson jacket, a piercing in her nose and many in her ears. She says that she has heard that I do dreams and moves to kiss me. I avoid her kiss and give her a “paternal” hug. I say that we do not interact like that but that I am very willing to work with her. She almost purrs. The wife is not overly impressed but knows that my point has been received. In the dream I know that the young woman is a Westerly dreamer and that I will see her again in due course.

Dream ends.