Witchy Things and El guardián invisible

Before deciding to move here we looked very closely at the French Pyrenees, east and west. Or in other words Catalan and Basque. A part of the thinking was that I would fit in, and another part was the mountains.

We rented accommodation in Prades to look at houses. As it turned out the property we rented was for sale and owned by a medical doctor in Cambridge, UK. We looked at a number of properties for sale and ended up having a delicious meal at a restaurant one day at Villefranche-de-Conflent or Vilafranca de Conflent. The town is a strategic walled fort of some considerable beauty.

Apparently, it is also famous for its witches. All the tourist shops have witches for sale, some with, some without a broomstick.

I plucked up my courage and walked into a shop and asked the proprietor what the Catalan word for sorcière or witch was. He said “brujo”.  It seemed to me the most natural thing to do. He seemed fine to speak of witches, it was broad daylight after all.

This is one of the contradictions of France, in a catholic country there is a lot of superstition.

It seems to me that the folklore tales {or are they real} live on in the mountains. In Switzerland there were many pools and places which had “hexen” in their names.

What is it about mountain people and witches?

Anyway, I want to shout out for the Baztan trilogy. We have started our third watch of this series of films, which starts with The Invisible Guardian…Damn fine viewing old chap.

Seems the Basques have a similar orientation to things witchy…

Oh, we decided that it would just be too hot that far South. We would melt and burn.

Here we get mist and rain…