1.4% – INFJ – The Odd Weirdos

Depending upon the population sampled the occurrence of the INFJ type is somewhere between 1 and 2% of the adult population. Given that INFJs are likely to self-select towards psychometric questionnaires, I’ll postulate that these figures are higher than the actual prevalence in the general population. So, for the purposes of discussion let’s say that the prevalence is 1%.

Back when I did team development courses for science Ph.D. students, I noticed some trends. The prevalence of T type as opposed to F type was massively skewed upwards from national data. {Less so for bio and medics}. Likewise, the prevalence of N was way up when compared to S. {add some S-type bio-medical-engineers and this restored the balance a little}. The more cerebral and less practical the science the heavier the NT population bias was.

As an NF it explained why I felt out of place amongst a bunch of NT barracudas.

If the prevalence of INFJ is 1% then statistically {unless you are in the psych or God business} you will have met less of these than any other type. This means that only 1 in every hundred people you meet is an INFJ-Weirdo. Therefore, your experience of interacting with these will be less well developed. Every self-aware INFJ on the planet knows that sooner or later there will be some major misunderstanding. It is impossible to head this off because should you try to do this by explaining the differences, they will not pay attention nor take it seriously. All you can do is try your best to communicate effectively and wait for the crash. Sooner or later, you will say a lead balloon, which you know to be accurate and true, but the other party does not and will deny what you said. Then the INFJ stubbornness kicks in and you try to explain in many more inventive ways what you are trying to convey, the other person feels {imagines} attacked and a shitstorm ensues.

I have tried numerous techniques like trying to get someone I might work with to read the INFJ profile previous {or one like it}. If they do read it, they skim read it and do not absorb like an INFJ would. So, this method of trying to get the other person to start to understand does not work.

The only NTs who get an INFJ are the INTJs. This is because of the shared dominant introverted intuition.

I can flip my F and my T reasonably easy, hell for years I pretended to be an ENTJ. INTJs can, if they relax, flip their T and F.

Inner Nuances Foster Journeys and It’s Not Thoroughly Justified are quite a way apart in terms of approach.

In principle, according to the blue books, humanity is evolving towards being polarised on the buddhic or intuitional plane. This means that more and more incarnated beings will be intuitionally polarised.

Because of some of my more F type behaviours people have questioned my sexuality…especially those fond of overly faux-macho NT behaviours.

I’ll make a prediction.

Over the oncoming decades the proportion of people getting a positive INFJ test result will go up and as a result they will have to self-isolate in order to say as sane as possible. Before long we will be legion. There may even be an INFJ pandemic.