Numerology – My Final Pinnacle

The first comment to make is that broadly speaking my life has evolved according to the pinnacles. I have mapped these onto my life-recapitulation chart.

I am entering my final pinnacle which is one and leaving the influence of my third pinnacle 7. I have been living largely as a “hermit”. The seven has definitely fit for near a decade. If I am to manifest the one in its positive sense, something will need to change. Previously the pinnacle has taken a number of years to start to manifest fully. Depending on how many miles are left on the clock this could be up to a decade.

My final challenge is the six!

What is funny perhaps was my first pinnacle of 11. Because of this nobody believed I was an introvert!!

Not entirely convinced that I agree fully with Theun’s choice of words, but generally they have fitted well.

hmn…What is this new cycle going to manifest?