A Queue at the Estate Agents, Fancy Cars and Tractors

I finished the hedge this morning. I may do a relaxed aesthetic trim on it tomorrow when the tiredness has faded.

We went up to the coast to Tregastel for a walk on the beach this afternoon. There can be seen fancy cars from all over France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Holland. No Brits! As a general rule of thumb any vaguely pimped up ride is not from Brittany. On the way home we saw that out of every car heading towards the coast about 1 in ten had a top box and one in twenty bicycles. The holiday season is here. Looks like the French are staying in France.

There are some social distancing rules here, the numbers allowed into shops are limited. There up on the coast, there was a queue of people a couple of metres apart trying to get into the Estate Agents. Several of them had dossiers of documents in their arms. In the window nearly half of the properties had “Vendu” written on them, and another third had under contract. Property is selling like hot cakes; it seems, even at plague prices.

As we headed home the fancy car density started to decrease. I am pretty sure that I will never own a fancy car now and by fancy, I mean one that costs more that 10k euros. The sign that we have left the coast and are back home is the tractor show room by the side of the main road.

It is the portal to our domain.