If I was Nicola Sturgeon…

I would be thanking Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson for such an admirable assist in my campaign for Scottish independence. He has demonstrated so clearly what he thinks of the union.


If I was her, I would take photos of the 10 Downing Street council housing estate England banners and have them put up on billboards all over Scotland.

I understand, from a reliable inside source, that number ten has ordered a giant inflatable Santa and reindeers for the upcoming Christmas display. There will be a competition of chaviness with number 11.

Decorum, statesmanship and dignity, yeah right.

I don’t know what Boris de Pfeffel is thinking, is he doing the Agincourt salute to all the other nations?

#10 is the official residence of the prime minister of the United Kingdom NOT England, Eton College and Balliol.

Each New Thought Propels – sometimes it is good to think things through.

If I was Nicola Sturgeon, I would be rubbing my hands with glee. The best weapon in my armoury is doing my job for me.

Big sigh…