Numerology – Boris Johnson

Alexander Johnson is a wood dragon like me so he is always going to be a tad mercurial.

I did not feel comfortable to do a work up of his entire name because it is not clear what alphabet aplies for the de Pfeffel bit.

I once did full work ups for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, they were uncanny.

Because Alexander is using Boris he is not living true to his natural vibration.

Boris his name of use is a One

Alexander his given name is a Three.

I supect that Alexander is “forcing” himself to act like a Boris. Seems to me that Alexander, the positive aspects above fit him rather well, he can also be a tad chaotic.

His first pinnacle 0-27 is a Seven

Not much is published about him during this time but some of these might fit.

At the age of 25 he became Brussels Correspondent for the Telegraph just before he moved into his second pinnacle which is a three.

I suspect that this was the time of his life when Alexander {3} was at his most happy. He could extrovert to his hearts content and have a lot of fun without too much burden of responsibility.

At the age of 35 just before his third pinnacle started he became editor of The Spectator and then entered parliament at age 37 as an MP

His third pinnacle is a one. This is him taking up the mantle of leadership.

At age 44 he was elected mayor of London just before he entered his final pinnacle which is an 8. At age 48 he had his second mayoral term

At age 51 he was an MP again with ministerial responsibility and at age 52 he led the Brexit out campaign.

I guess that the not following orders from Brussels may be aback his urge for Freedom.

I suspect that Alexander would be a lot happier expressing his creativity rather than trying to lead a country. His dislike of rules means that he is loath to impose them on others.

His principle and final challenges are 4

I suspect that it does not come naturally to him to express the positive characteristics above. They are for him challenging. This challenge appears twice so he must face it.

When he leaves office he will proabably be happiest writing or as an editor again. It just occurred to me he would actully make a good chat show host, where his quick wit could entertain and probe.